Dear Jordan,

EDIT: Unfortunately we still don’t have any news about my friend but some wheels are turning now but I cannot say anything to this point. My friend finally got released. However the issue continues. He won’t be the only one it seems.

Why are you treating your citizens like this? What are you afraid of?

About 2 weeks ago a friend of mine got arrested because someone spray painted anarchist slogans on some wall. Really not a graffiti merely some tagging, pretty ugly. Although my friend was innocent (well he has anarchist ties… but so what? Lots of others do have to and they didn’t get arrested) he was placed under “Administrative Arrest” and was not allowed to talk to anyone not even a lawyer. After a while (we were all worried about what might happen to him) he then finally got announced to be released about a week ago (just before Eid) but not as an innocent man. Although there is no evidence whatsoever that could prove that my friend did the spray painting he then was put under house arrest for 3 months.

So now we have an innocent young man being treated as a criminal because someone unknown has spray painted a wall and my friend was put under house arrest. Ok, nothing anyone can do about it because it seems that the Jordanian authorities can do anyway whatever they want with their citizens, but my friend decided to play by the rules rather than revolting against that ridiculous sentencing. He went home every day on time and didn’t break the law.

Now about a half hour ago another friend of mine delivered me a message:
“they took [Friend-X] from his work about an hour ago”

Not surprisingly I was shocked by this. Why did they take him this time? I mean his hair is cut now, so it cannot be that (in the past the police and mukhabarat have harassed him numerous times just because of his hair). Did someone do another spray paint somewhere?

Jordan claims to be a modern country, with modern views, laws and uprising economy. Jordan likes to blind the rest of the world with big construction projects and tourism. But Jordan is still decades away from being a modern country. It lacks one very important ingredient: Human Rights!!! Arresting innocent people without any evidence of crime and still putting them under a sentence is a violation of basic freedom. I mean hey, why not… let’s go around and arrest everyone we just don’t like.

Is Jordan really that afraid that they have to go around and arrest small time people that just try to live their lives somehow; Yes my friends and I do have a different lifestyle than what probably many in the Jordanian government like to see but yet we are not criminals. We do not impose a threat on anyone; We are peaceful and happy people (well happy except for the authorities always stomping on our feet. This stomping does not limit to political arrests, just have a look at what happened during Ramadan, the closure of many restaurant-pubs).

I am sorry Jordan, but please give us the freedom of expression and the freedom to live our lives as we choose to and we chose to live peacefully without harming anyone, apparently you chose to live your life not in peace but in war with everyone who does not live by YOUR standards. Not standards of law but standards of a life-style.

EDIT: I received several comments after I also posted this on Facebook. This is what others had to say (I re-posted the comments as they are and I’m not responsible for any typos or the like; to protect the identity of the authors I have not disclosed their names):

“Dear Jordan,
Why is it that the governor of Amman has the right to put any one in prison (administrative arrest) for an indefinite amount of time with out charging him/tacking him to court?

Why is it that the “law enforcement” can send any one to jail through the process of administrative arrest, simply by clamming that they suspect him of a crime?

Why is it acceptable to send some one to jail for not liking how they look like?

Why is it that my friend was sent to prison for 10 days and placed under house arrest for 3 months with out being charged of anything, with out seeing a judge, with out having the right to appeal or protest and with out having the right of legal representation?

How is that democracy Jordan?” – A.H

“Dear Jordan:
i have no comment, i am not shocked, i have nothing but pity..there is a reason why i left, and there is a reason i’m in no hurry to return.

I’d happily give up my passport/citizenship to live in Palestine where they openly admit we have no rights as citizens, humans or Palestinians, because of the Israely occupation, rather than hold a passport to a country that fabricates lies, over taxes its poor, starves the hungry, stuffs the rich pigs, allows some *name* privileged boy to shoot someone in the face, jails someone for having an opinion, stares a woman down in the street, treats children like a burden, allows illiterate fucks to hold influential jobs, closes down shops/bars/restaurants because of someone’s choices, changes laws and bends rules at will conveniently, sells precious land to other countries, hold treaties with enemies, gives passports/visas to 1st world countries and denies it’s neighboring sister country, pays a foreigner more for holding a passport, discriminates, raises prices at any given time, allows the drunks with connections to drive/ kill / hold an unliscenced gun, and is still the only country where HONOUR KILLING IS LEGAL.

This is exactly why they will stay a 3rd world country, with the majority of the population hating the government, spiting on the law, & leaving with no return.

I have no hate, I have no solutions, I hold no answers, I just know that this is plainly mind blowing obvious that there is something wrong with the system, and the system was created by the people, and the people are a production of society. People should blame themselves for ALLOWING this to have come this far, I take part of the blame for choosing to leave rather than help in change, but when you’re only allowed to be dumb, deaf and mute in a surrounding where you have no authority to do anything, you look around and say fuck it, I’ll be a secretary in the Emirates, mistaken for a terrorist in the US, treated like an outsider in Europe, be in exile in Australia, or live in a blur in Asia, rather than being a dazed executive assistant in some money laundry, corrupt, enslaving company.

I’d appreciate it if people took this as is, not read between the lines and don’t raise eye-brows, because you have simply thought this at one point.

I don’t need your approval on my opinion, I’m speaking out, I have a right to in my own mind. More power to you if you disagree, even greater power to the stronger of my peers who are in Jordan now living this, battling it, surviving it and still breathing. And no I’m not over-exaggerating.

Thank you Mozzy, i was begging to worry about our friend again, now i know, someone fucked up is on his case yet again.” – B

“Dear Jordan
your favorite bitch is Amman, loaded with plastic faces and ugly,dark blue,stupid men proud of their blck stinky mostage, cold white buildings constructed by paid slaves to keep the filth of the city safe and untouched. expensive cars driven by fat cell phones running over children on traffic lights ,on the radios voices screaming for mercy mixed with uploads and cheers for prostitution and the political masterbation

I know that my words may not make any sense but … I still have more and more to say but I dont think that you’ll ever get it

leave us alone and we’ll be happy ……….. yes maybe we have to leave, I know that there is worse in this world but I’d rather suffer in a place that I chose, I never chose you, I might come back but believe me if I do I won’t shut my mouth till Im dead.

Sam7oooona” – B.O.