Asleep In The Park

Well, what can I say. Another diamond found in the ppig pile of bands on Jamendo:
Asleep In The Park

Sounds like very nice classical rock. On their Jamendo Page it says:

Captivating and charming, with more girlie curls in the band than since Shirley Temple was a crackwhore, Asleep in the Park are a raucous, upbeat, indie-rock band that have emerged from the cluttered streets of inner Melbourne and are now marching their trademark high-energy harmonies across the city and beyond.

Like a failed exercise in abstinence, Asleep in the Park ooze enthusiasm, passion and an endearing mania which infuses their music with an appealing blend of thumping bass lines, lush keys, driving guitars and insanely catchy lyrics that reach deep into your skull and vigorously shake listeners into a blissful delirium.

Joining the indefinable populus of indie brit pop rock, Asleep in the Park work harder than Madonna’s diaphragm, running every facet of the band including management, production, graphic design and distribution. In this way they fit the description of indie rockers right down to their sun-faded Converse being held together by safety pins and gaffer tape. However, this is where the stereotype ends. Refusing to be programmed, pigeonholed or easily referenced, Asleep in the Park cite countless musical influences, from rock to punk, country, pop and soul, mixing genres like other people mix drinks, but without the nasty hangover. The overall result is music that pokes and prods at your brain with devilishly clever writing and feet-tapping melodies.

Visit them on Jamendo or their website


I must say it is one of the best websites I have ever visited.

Thousands of underground bands to be discovered here and I also already found a dozen of very good acts.
The best thing: It is all legal and free 🙂

Check it out: