Flex 3.0 meets Symfony meets PureMVC: sfFlexymfonyPlugin

I have just released the new sfFlexymfonyPlugin for Symfony.

The sfFlexymfonyPlugin provides means for a developer to easily integrate flex applications into Symfony. The undelying Felx application uses a specific framework aimed to give developers a Symfony-like feel.
Detailed documentation still to follow. Please for now try to have a look at the DefaultModule example in your application. The underlying architecture is based on PureMVC so please also have a look at their documentations. Soon I will update the documentation and provide a full tutorial on how to use the framework. Also browse through the whole source code (there is not much in there so you will have a nice overview of what’s going on).

Check it out here

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5 responses to “Flex 3.0 meets Symfony meets PureMVC: sfFlexymfonyPlugin”

  1. Mozzy says :

    Unfortunately I don’t have a demo ready yet but I have a full Jobeet tutorial in the works to show the ins and outs of the plug-in and how to build a fully fledged application with it.

  2. khaled says :

    great job man, looking for see the source code and use it :):)

  3. Andre says :

    Excellent! I have been looking for exactly what you are doing. Thank you very much. How is that Jobeet tutorial coming along?

  4. Mozzy says :

    Unfortunately I am still only at the very beginning of the tutorial. Been kinda caught up with work lately.

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